MEGA Group USA is an organization of retailers focused on delivering excellence in products and service. The group has expanded rapidly by supporting member needs with a broad business approach that includes group vendor programs, custom advertising and marketing services, consulting, store merchandising, essential business services programs, a "banner store" package, information technology support, and much more.

The combined power of our members makes MEGA Group USA both a valuable and respected entity. It is our goal to provide other independents with the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits. Our mission is simple...

"To supply services to members which provide the synergistic advantages of lower cost - comparable to larger national competitors - while concurrently allowing Members the advantages of autonomy, such as individuality, creativity, local ownership and independence in their marketing areas."

The Edge
As an independent in an ultra-competitive marketplace, you want every advantage you can get. That's where we come in. Everything we do - every service we negotiate - is geared to help you go head-to-head with the national chains. Specifically speaking...

  • MEGA Group USA handles all Program Supplier negotiations and product testing... saving you the time and expense of doing it yourself.
  • This Web Site has a special section reserved only for MEGA Group Members, the MEGA Members Site, which includes Articles, Classified Ads, Forums, Supplier Specials and Promotions, Industry News, and Rebate Information.
  • Through MEGA Group USA, you'll receive pricing and service levels from industry suppliers that are traditionally reserved for the national chains.

Smooth, Efficient Communications
With full time staff members you can always reach someone at MEGA Group USA. Our newsletter is devoted to keeping you informed of the latest happenings at MEGA Group USA. On-going member surveys, conversations by phone, and the use of the new MEGA Mail e-mail system, all contribute to our two-way flow of communication.

Playing to Win
We give you all of the advantages of a buying group, with no hassles or complications. Drawing on our unique in-depth understanding of this industry to structure a program tailor-made for your needs, we keep all the elements in play with a polished professionalism that frees you to concentrate on your business.

Independently Unique
A profile of our members is varied and highly individualistic. Therefore, our services and supplier programs are designed to meet member requirements, regardless of size. Our group consists of members who are involved in a variety of industry associations, even serving as officers, as well as members not involved in any associations at all. What unites us is the opportunity to improve the bottom line, without sacrificing independence of operation. You can also read real Member Testimonials about MEGA Group.

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