MEGA Group USA elected to partner with UnitedHealthcare in 2003 to provide our members with affordable health insurance. UnitedHealthcare was selected as an endorsed carrier due to their broad networks, flexibility in plan design, overall service, affordable pricing, and value added programs.

Over 200 Mega Group USA members have enrolled with UnitedHealthcare through their health care distribution partner. This volume of business has helped to qualify MEGA Group USA's health care distribution partner as a Platinum Broker with UnitedHealthcare. This Platinum designation is awarded to only the top 1% of brokers across the country, and MEGA's members are direct beneficiaries of this elite status.

Platinum status with UnitedHealthcare gives Mega Group USA and their member groups that enroll with UnitedHealthcare significant benefits including:

  • Special pricing based on collective risk of entire program.
  • A dedicated service team
  • Preferential turn around time on quoting
  • Speed to medical underwriting decision
  • Accelerated group implementation

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