To succeed in retail today, and to survive in the days to come, every retailer needs an effective marketing strategy for both online and traditional media channels. MEGA understands this and is committed to helping every single member survive and thrive by capturing their marketing potential. MEGA Marketing features a full suite of digital and traditional advertising services to help retailers expand their businesses. Services include digital advertising, social media, email marketing, TV and radio production, media buying, retail websites, in-store display, and print media. Listed below is a brief overview of some of the marketing services available. More detail is available to the right under the All Marketing menu.

Exclusive Circular Events
Comprehensive, vendor subsidized, custom print circular program for newspaper, shared mail and other forms of distribution. Learn More »
Direct Mail & Private Sale Promotions
Consumer targeted direct mail promotions to help maximize sales during key holiday periods. Learn More »
TV/Video Spots
Custom video commercials that tie-in with many MEGA event promotions for web or TV use. Learn More »
Retail Websites
MEGA WebFronts website platform providing every MEGA Member a more effective online presence. Learn More »
Online Advertising
Search Engine Marketing, Digital Advertising, Remarketing, Email Campaigns, and Social Media marketing are all resources available to MEGA Members. Learn More »
In-Store Display
Leverage your sales team and address "showrooming" with high-quality content to engage customers directly in your store. Learn More »
MEGA Group USA helps you plan your annual advertising budget. Learn More »

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