MEGA Group USA Launches Cutting Edge 3rd Generation Mobile Sites
Germantown, TN
March 20, 2014

In a recent study, 85% of smartphone owners reported that being able to shop on mobile devices increased the likelihood of actually making a purchase*, and the newly enhanced mobile sites provide MEGA members the best and latest technology to compete in the mobile commerce space.

“With the proliferation of both showrooming and the widespread use of smart phones during the shopping process, our retailers require cutting edge mobile sites to compete and win business, both online and off. We are dedicated to providing retailers the best programs and tools to succeed” said Scott McFarland, CIO of MEGA Group USA.

Every MEGA WebFronts™ Premium Plus website provides a great web presence and already included a mobile-specific site with no additional work or cost; the third generation upgrade makes their mobile presence even better.

Customers accessing the site from a mobile device are taken to the mobile-specific version that is designed to load fast and make it easy to get directions or call the store. Large buttons designed for use on a small touch screen make it easy to view any product featured on the member’s regular WebFront™ site. Their mobile sites feature all the thousands of products their regular WebFront™ already includes and updates automatically; both the traditional and mobile sites are seamlessly linked to save retailers time and effort.

MEGA Retailers have all the features they need to be even better than the big boxes when consumers interact with them on their smart phones like:
- One touch to call the store
- One touch to navigate via GPS to the store's physical locations
- Complete product information (automatically - no time or effort required!)
- Full search and filtering capability to drill down to the best products for each consumer's needs
- One touch ability to request more information about specific products
- and more

*What Shoppers Want: Study Investigates Opportunities for Mobile-Enhanced Retail, 12/9/2012, accessed 3/10/14 at

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