MEGA Product Protection Plan has been a successful program since it’s inception in 1991. It has offered advantages to dealers and consumers in the appliance, electronics, furniture, home specialty and lawn & garden industry. With the recent move by manufacturers to decrease major component warranties the opportunity to sell product protection becomes an easier and almost automatic add-on if presented in a professional and informative manner.

Dealer Advantages

  • Opportunity to increase ticket size
  • Drives more sales to service department
  • Creates another connection to the customer
  • Opportunity to increase margins on each sale
  • Internet driven program makes all transactions quick and easy
  • Coverage for all categories from one program

Consumer Benefits

  • Peace of mind for the term of the contract
  • Added value to the product
  • Media buying assistance available
  • Opportunity to continue protection
  • Lemon Policy
  • Quick and competent service if needed
Watch sample video below:

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